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Imagine a journey to a land that is fully enriched with its nature, culture, people, heritage, history and much more. Our passion for travel and uncommon experiences has compiled an unmatched collection of experiences for travelers who like to seek the Last Frontiers of Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan.

Last Frontiers is not just a regular tour operator, we specialize in designing itineraries that take you to those real places, people and at a pace that allows connection and reflection.

Our itineraries are thematic, and focused on interest groups wanting to experiences destination we cover: Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan. We believe that designing itineraries or experiences is an ART, and thus, our experiences are crafted carefully to leave you stunned, enlightened, relaxed, healthy, and powered.

On 9th May 2015 Our Team went to the Chipling-9, Thakani VDC in Sindhupalchowk district to distribute relief Aid.

  • History


    In 1953 Everest Expeditions, our founder's father guided - In 1970, we founded the 1st Adventure Travel Company in Nepal - In 1980, we renamed and began the journey of Last Frontiers...

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  • Reviews


    At Last Frontiers, we value our client's feedbacks, every word and sentences written by our clients are always embedded in our company's strength or weakness to make it better. For Last Frontiers ...

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  • Giving Back

    Why Us

    For Last Frontiers, we are committed into social responsibilities and awareness. As part of our business model, we practice in supporting, promoting and educating our communities.

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  • Custom Trips

    Custom Trips

    Our Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan Handcrafted trips are that we have specially designed in the destinations that we believe offers you the right trip in terms of value, knowledge, and a great experience.

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