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History Timeline

1952 Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research, the research aimed to find a way to summit from the Southern route, where Pasang Phutar was a sherpa.

Inspiring adventure travel company

1953 Pasang Phutar Sherpa was a high-altitude sherpa porter who he made 2 trips to South Col carrying supplies. 

Two people, wearing outdoor winter gear, sit on a rock with a grassy background. The woman wears a red jacket and sunglasses, while the man sports a checkered shirt with a red jacket tied around his waist. It's an inspiring scene that would easily fit into any adventure travel company's portfolio.

1960 Jugal Himal, Hisayuki Ito expedition aim was to climb the highest peak of the Jugal Himal Range standing at 23,240 ft.  Pasang Phutar was the sirdar of the expedition and made it to Camp IV 22,310 ft.

A family of four stands outside on a sunny day. The parents and one child wear matching blue T-shirts, while another child in overalls holds a finger to their mouth. Trees and seated people are in the background, enjoying what seems like a perfectly crafted journey by REI Adventures.

1984 Pasang Phutar’s son founded Last Frontiers Trekking, a beginning of the new chapter.

Everest Peace Climb

1990 Last Frontiers Trekking was the ground logistic management company for the Everest Peace Climb in 1909.

Since 2004 Mingma’s eldest son joined the company as the third generation of the family into the travel industry.

Signature Trips

Experiences that last a lifetime

Although it can be fun to plan and design your own trips, it does come with some challenges, and that’s where we come in, to help you plan a personalized trip. Plus, we also offer special exclusive trips, where we collaborate with experts and professional guides to plan trips and adventures that aren’t available anywhere else. These specially offered trips include many hands-on activities with professionals, plus activities with locals that you don’t usually have in a regular travel itinerary.

Enter the Kingdom of Mustang

Mustang Photography Tour

Capture the Culture

A turquoise glacial lake lies at the base of snow-capped mountains under a clear blue sky, reminiscent of Gokyo's pristine beauty. Rocks and boulders are scattered along the shoreline.
Time for an Adventure

Gokyo Trek

Travel among the mountains and highest freshwater lake system of Gokyo

Four people pose with hiking poles beside a large rock with writing inscribed, surrounded by trees and rocks.
Empowering the Community

Empowering Women | Everest with Women Guide

Into the Himalayas

Taktsang Monastery, also known as Tiger's Nest, is built into a cliffside in the enchanting Kingdom of Bhutan. The multi-level structure features traditional Bhutanese architecture and is surrounded by lush greenery.
Blissful and Peaceful


Explore the Blissful land of Bhutan

A group of five people stands outdoors, holding buckets filled with red berries. The background features green foliage. They are smiling and appear to be on a berry-picking and coffee trip adventure.
Farming Community of Nepal

Coffee Origin Trip

Taste and Aroma of Coffee

Everest trek with former monk
Experience the Himalayas

Everest Base Camp with a Monk

Among the Himalayas

A shallow river winds through a dry, rocky valley with steep cliffs on the sides and snow-capped mountains in the background under a clear blue sky.
Wildlife in the Himalayas

Tracking Snow Leopards

Walk among the Cats of the Mountains

A brown horse grazes near a stone wall in the picturesque Langtang Valley, with snow-capped mountains in the background under a clear sky.
Indulge in the Culture

Langtang Trek

The Mountains and Glaciers await!

"None of us will ever forget the adventure of trekking with you in the Everest region, the amazing strength and endurance of our Sherpa porters, the hospitality of everyone we met along the way, and your intrepid leadership even when you were ill for a few days."
John Lenahan

Photo Tours in the Himalayas

Last Frontiers Photography Tours is the experiential photography division of the Last Frontiers Group. We create photography journeys that are simply incomparable because we will first learn what your guests intend to achieve from this tour. Led by our local guides, we will do our best to accomplish your vision and offer advice.

World Adventure Travel Collective

Proud to join the World Adventure Travel Collective

Last Frontiers is honored to be part of the World Adventure Travel Collective.  When REI Adventures, one of the top outdoor adventure companies in the world suddenly and unexpectedly shut down its international trips division in early 2021, several inbound tour operators suppliers for REI Adventures came together to form World Adventure Travel Collective.
The World Adventure Travel Collective represents a selection of owner-operated, locally-based tour operators from around the world. Every member of the WATC brings with them a long history of providing expert local guides and unique, sustainably operated trips for a leading adventure travel company that has recently exited the international travel space.
Toronto-based consulting firm Bannikin announced the launch of the World Adventure Travel Collective (WATC), a welcome new addition to the global adventure travel supply chain.

Hear From One Of Our Travel Photography Circle

A man with a shaved head, light skin, and a light smile, wearing a light blue button-down shirt, poses for a headshot against a plain background, embodying the look of a seasoned travel photographer ready for his next photo adventure.

In 2017, I met John in
Seattle. John has previously
been to Bhutan many years
ago, and wanted to do a
Photo Tour in Bhutan. We
planned out for 2 years
ahead of the tour, and
finally operated it in 2019. I
personally learned quiet a
bit about Photo Tours, and
was amazing to be a likeminded
group of guests.

Not sure where to travel for your next trip? Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure to explore a new place – let Last Frontiers help you design and plan your next personalized trip just for you based on what you want to focus on during your travels.

We have traveled from the Mountains of the Himalayas to the Deserts of Rajasthan; and with our experience on planning the perfect getaway, we want to help you with a trip that will be memorable for you. Travel with us and explore new cultures, people, heritages, and the natural beauty of nature. We don’t just want to travel with you, we want to create memories!

crafting journeys

Travel By Themes

Let’s try something different! Travel by Theme

The usual travel process might include you thinking of where you want to travel, then doing some research, and then traveling to the new area with no focus or specific goal. We know it can be exciting to travel without specific goals, however after some time the excitement might turn to boredom. We want to help you try something new and different to bring that excitement back to your travel adventures.

This is why we offer tours based on our various themes. These themes have been carefully separated into areas that you can focus on and gain some insight on when traveling. We offer Photography tours, Wildlife tours, Craft and Culinary, Culture and Heritage, Exploration and Adventure, Trekking Tours, Sacred and Spiritual, and so many other themes for you to focus on.

A simple gray square icon with rounded corners and an empty center, reminiscent of the thoughtful design used by professional guides in crafting journeys.
Line drawing of a pair of boots with thick soles and laces. The left boot is laced tightly, while the right boot has one loose shoelace, symbolizing readiness for an exclusive trip with the World Adventure Travel Collective.
Illustration of a digital DSLR camera with a zoom lens, depicted in a simple, black-and-white lined drawing style—perfect for capturing memories on your next World Adventure Travel Collective expedition.
Illustration of two hands pressed together, fingers pointing upward, resembling a gesture of prayer or gratitude—like seeking guidance from professional guides on your crafting journeys.
Illustration of a ball of yarn with two knitting needles crossed through it, reminiscent of crafting memories on a personalized trip with the World Adventure Travel Collective.
A grayscale image of five circular objects with a connected, overlapping net-like pattern, reminiscent of the meticulous crafting journeys led by REI Adventures.
A dark gray, rectangular faceplate with two small vertical rectangular slots in the center, resembling a power outlet—an essential item for your next exclusive trip with REI Adventures.
Grey image of a generic user profile icon with two rounded shapes representing a head and shoulders, set on a white background, perfect for crafting journeys and imagining your next REI Adventures personalized trip.
Simple line drawing of a rhinoceros, facing to the right. The image lacks details and shading, emphasizing the overall shape and outline of the animal—ideal for professional guides creating exclusive trips.
Black and white illustration of a balalaika, a traditional Russian musical instrument with a triangular body and a long neck, reminiscent of the cultural experiences offered on REI Adventures' exclusive trips led by professional guides.
Line drawing of a temple with a stepped pyramid structure and a domed top, ideal for those exclusive trips designed by REI Adventures.
Two outlined hands holding each other, with another hand grasping the wrists from below. The image conveys a sense of support and connection, much like the way World Adventure Travel Collective expertly crafts journeys, serving as professional guides through every step of your adventure.
What a wonderful memory - my 60th birthday! Along with 15 fellow Trekkers from around the world, we were led by Nima Sherpa and his crew on a wonderful journey to Mount Everest Base Camp, in November 2011. It is hard to explain the incredible level of organization that Nima brought to our trek. His calm, but controlled and confident manner left us with a feeling of security. There was no doubt that he was watching out for us every step we took.
Joyce Arnott
Guest Traveler
In November 2012 I had the pleasure of trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp under the expert care of Last Frontiers Trekking. Nima Sherpa and his staff are true professionals fully experienced with all aspects of trip execution, and can handle any situation that may arise unexpectedly. Their attentiveness to our needs was always front and center; their desire to make the experience as rewarding as possible was genuine and extended from Sherpa to sirdar to cook to kitchen crew and porters.
Paul Hughes
Guest Traveler

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Whether you’re looking for a grand escapade, or just a relaxing getaway – we, at Last Frontiers, are always on hand to tailor-make your journey through the Himalayas and Desert of Rajasthan bringing the magic of adventure and discovery to life. Ready to explore the lands of incredible people, culture, heritage and nature? Come travel with us and make your trip a memorable one.