Nepal Arrival Protocol During COVID Update of 2021 June

Nepal has been able to successfully decrease the number of new covid infected cases in the past month. After facing a rapid increase of cases back in early to mid 2021, Nepal has been able to contain the spread from 9,000 new cases a day to 1,000 cases a day. With more and more people getting fully vaccinated, the number of new cases seems to be decreasing even more.

Along with this there have been some changes to the arrival protocol when arriving Nepal.

1. Travelers (Nepali or Foreign passport holder) must have a negative RT-PCR or equivalent testing (Gene Xpert/True NAAT) report with photo identification and Barcode/QR code. This report needs to be within 72 hr of the first flight you will take to Nepal. If flying from the United States, it will be the first flight you take in the US.

2. Fill out the ARMS (Abroad Returnee Management System) form available in the CCMC website.

3. A 7 days quarantine is required; for which the traveler needs to provide a 7 days booking/reservation proof of the hotel where they plan on staying. RT-PCR test will be conducted on the 7th day of the quarantine. If the report is positive another RT-PCR test will be conducted on the 11th day, for which the hotel booking needs to be extended.

4. You can also self-quarantine or home quarantine (instead in a hotel) for 10 days from the date of arrival if:
– Passengers with complete COVID-19 vaccination certificate
– Those coming for emergency purpose like for funerals and mourning. For this a Negative Antigen test is required and recommendation from the respective local level.

5. A RT-PCR Test will be tested on the 7th day of quarantine. If the result is negative, the quarantine is lifted; however, if the test is positive another test will be conducted on the 11th day.

You can also go over the protocol on detail and download the pdf here.

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