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Our Story 1953 to 2021

The world is a book, and people who don’t travel read only one page. Similarly, the seed of Last Frontiers was sown when one person decided to take a chance and explore areas of the world that were previously not explored. 

The story of Last Frontiers starts with Mr. Pasang Phutar Sherpa 1953, the person who sowed the seeds of what today would be known as one of the best travel companies in Nepal. Pasang, born in the village of Namche Solukhumbu, was surely not the founder of this company, but his enthusiasm in exploration, adventure and traveling helped him plant the seed of which his predictors would raise. Pasang was able to take part in many of the expeditions to the top ten mountains of the world.


He started his exploration with the tallest mountain of them all, Mount Everest, in the expedition of 1952. The Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research expedition’s primary aim was to find a way to summit everest from the southern route. This was where his journey began.

  • 1952

    Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research, The aim of the research was to find a way to summit everest from the southern route | Pasang Phutar as Sherpa
  • 1953

    Everest climbed by Tenzing Norgay and E. Hillary
  • 1956

    The Swiss Expedition to Everest and Lhotse II | Pasang, Darj, was sardar; but Pasang II, Khu, was also involved
  • 1958

    Leader: Leonpo Gang | High Altitude worker for the Artist’s Apline Club
  • 1959

    Langtang Himal Expedition | Pasang Phutar II as Lasion Officer, and Pasang Phutar I | Leader: T. Yamada |
  • 1960

    Jugal Himal | Hisayuki Ito | Aim was to climb the highest peak of the Jugal Himal Range standing at 23,240 ft | Pasang I, Sirdar, made it to Camp IV with Ishihara and Kato 22,310 ft
  • 1961

    Royal Warwickshire Regiment | Area: Mingbo area, south of Ama Dablam | Pasang Phutar as Sardar
  • 1961

    Royal Warwickshire Regiment | Area: Mingbo area, south of Ama Dablam | Pasang Phutar as Sardar
  • 1963

    American Mount Everest Expedition | Pasang Phutar as Sardar |

The Birth of a Company

Mr. Pasang Phutar Sherpa was surely an adventurous person. However, there was only so much exploring he could do in a lifetime. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As with the saying, Pasang’s son, Mingma Dorgee Sherpa, was also influenced by his father's interest and enthusiasm in adventure and exploration. Seeing Mr. Pasang go off on expeditions to places that were rarely explored, influenced him to become an explorer himself. In 1984
Last Frontiers was born.

Ever since 1984, Mingma Dorji Sherpa has seen ups and downs in the industry, challenges and changes, and being resilience and innovative.  In the last 35 years, he has established boutique lodge named Chhahari Retreat.  He is also the founder of Nepal's first 90 point scorer of Coffee in blind assessment, the coffee farm is named Lekali Coffee.

  • 1983

    Last Frontiers Born | Mingma Dorgee Sherpa as Founder
  • 1984

    Last Frontiers Born | Mingma Dorgee Sherpa as Founder
  • 1990

    Last Frontiers Born | Mingma Dorgee Sherpa as Founder

The Legacy Carries On

Nima Tashi Sherpa leads Last Frontiers Trekking as the third generation in the family.  In his more than 15 years of experience, he appreciates more why family owned and operated business for generations does matter.  In 2020, we crossed 35 years and stepped into 36 years of operation as a business. Being the 3rd Generation Sherpa in the adventure travel industry, he definitely finds strong values of nurturing business, and being committed to everyone that is involved around the business. 

As a family owned and operated business, we have always put our resources to make sure that our people, our business, is always stable, and that we are here for long-term outlook by fostering long-term relationships. 

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