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Travel is not just a hobby, but it is a necessity. Our Last Frontiers team believes in exploration and adventure. As such, we know that this eagerness and excitement to travel and explore is inside of you, and every travel as well. Traveling broadens a person’s view of the world. Of course you can read about the culture and tradition of a place in text books. However, these don’t nearly compare to the memories and experiences you will create by getting in touch with the community.
Travel along with us, as we delve into the art, music, culture, traditions, politics, and the community life of a new place that are worlds apart with experienced experts - the people who live there. There is so much to explore and so little time, so let's start here and explore with us. We have listed few trips that you may be interested in; let us know if would you like to modify or make a complete new one!

A non-traditional approach to working directly with Inbound Tour Operators

Currently, the traditional educational affinity travel (alumni travels) groups includes three main parts: the Travel Planners (university/organization), the outbound tour operators (OTA), and the Inbound tour operators (Suppliers).

We have worked with universities previously through this three part model in the past. However, through our experience, we have realized that this three part model creates a disconnect between the actual Planners and the Suppliers.

As travel planners, we know that you aim to find a travel program that best suits your group and alumni. You are out there trying to explore and discover the program via OTAs. However, many of the itineraries offered by the OTAs are pre-made in coordination with the Inbound Tour Operators. Due to this, the trips that you may find with the OTAs are same over all, and may not fulfill what you want to accomplish with this trip.

And an inbound tour operator, our Last Frontiers team plays a vital role in creating and crafting the actual itinerary for your group by understanding what your goals are for you trip. We know that you want to focus on a specific aspect/goal when planning a trip; our Last Frontiers team believes in creating personalized trips. This is why getting directly in touch with us will help you create the perfect personalized trip for your groups’s goal.

We believe in change and innovation. This is why we welcome you to enquire about what we offer and how is it we collaborate with you. In the end, you are the planners, and we are here to fulfill those those plans and goals for your groups.

  • Personalized Trips

    Contacting us directly will provides you with the advantage of personalizing your trip. Every travel program is personalized to meet the needs of your group, your study leader, and your alumni. There is no cookie cutter itinerary that gets sold to everybody. Every tour is hand-crafted to match the specifications of your university or college. After contacting us, we will walk through our process of curating a trip that will be suited for your group specifically: from location, pricing and much more.
  • Convenient Cancellation Policy

    One of the benefits of working with us directly is providing you and your group the flexiblity on our cancellation policy. We will work directly with your organization to maintain the values of your Alumnus and friends when joining any one of our sponosred trips. Each organizations and University may have different strategies to make their travelers happy when booking a trip, and we will make sure you will meet your goal by working mutually on the policies as well.
  • Instant Alteration

    Your group is departing for a trip with us, and suddenly you want to make some additions or change on the itinerary. Don't worry, traditional approach via OTA will probably take you longer time, but with our direct contact, you will be able to make such change in no time. These are some of the benifits of working with us directly.
  • Emergency Coverage

    Typically a travel insurance would cover any personal nature expenses related to health while traveling. Our emergency coverage plan would cover i.e. we cover the expense if group takes a flight when road block due to weather, we cover any extra night spend in hotel due to weather in country, we cover expenses of food while such weather related situation happens. Our coverage will also cover, logistic expenses to any individual who has health issue and needs to reach a medicial hospital. Once the individual reaches the hospital then your travel insurance would cover those expenses. Any medical flight evacuation is also typically covered by your insurance - depends on your policy. So, basically, we will be covering any logistic expense (excluding flight evacuation & hospital).
  • Fair Pricing Structure

    Since, we are NOT a wholesellar company like many OTA's, our 80% of the cost of the trip will go directly to the locally based owned and operated suppliers we use inland. We will also advise you on NOT looking at competitve prices, but using a local suppliers in the country will always benefit the country you will be traveling. No corners will be cut because you are working directly with a local operator. And we always advocate on using locally owned operated hotels, transports, resturants, guides, and many more, rather than some chain organizations.
  • Locally Based Experties

    As we are based out of Kathmandu, with offices in Bhutan, India and Tibet, we can easily make an itinerary for your groups based on understanding your needs on a trip.

Our Alumni Travels

Below are some of the sampler trips that can be tailored made to your University requirements.

Nepal and Bhutan Alumni Travel Groups Trekk

Himalayas Nepal & Bhutan

On this journey, we discover two distant and devout lands, different in fact yet similar in spirit. Hinduism in Nepal and Buddhism in Bhutan suffuse all aspects of life; in both, tradition and belief abide – and surrounding Himalayan scenery casts a truly awe-inspiring spell.

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Rajasthan Tiger and Tiger reserve travel tour

Insight India & Tiger Reserve

Mystical and spiritual, chaotic and confounding, India overflows with richness. We travel with style on the classic Golden Triangle: bustling Delhi; Agra, home of the sublime Taj Mahal; and Jaipur, and search for elusive Bengals at Ranthambore Tiger Preserve.

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Tibet and Nepal Alumni Travel group and trek

Tibet and Nepal

Experience the best of Nepal & Tibet, lands with history of connection with Buddhism with stunning beauty. This exceptional combination trip can be custom-designed, a journey encompasses the Nepal the Himalayan “Rooftop of the World,” to the high plateau of Tibet.

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Rajasthan and Forts and Palace Tour and Travel Alumni Travel

Forts & Palaces of Rajasthan

Take a Royal Journey in Style in India's quintessential land of maharajas and medieval forts, palaces and tigers, and kaleidoscopic festivals. The land of kings & warriors & famous for its rich history, culture, art, music, dance, wildlife and festivals.

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