How can I travel to Nepal on a Budget

How can I travel to Nepal on a Budget?

Travel To Nepal on a Budget Nepal is a landlocked country with vibrant and unique topography, culture, and religions. It is present in South Asia on the lap of the beautiful Himalayas encompassed by India in the east, south, and … Read More

Best Monasteries

5 Best Monasteries to Visit for Your Spiritual Rejuvenation

5 Best monasteries to visit in Nepal The wonderful nation of Nepal, arranged between stunning Indian wildernesses and the hypnotizing Himalaya Mountains, has seen a huge surge of travelers since it opened its borders. It is a homogeneous blend of … Read More

Sherpa- The Mountaineering Guide

Sherpa the Mountaineering Guide

Sherpa – The Mountaineering Guide Sherpa (The Mountaineering Guide), also called Sharwa is one of the Tibetan ethnic groups that reside in the eastern region of Nepal. They are inhabitants of Khumbu Valley, which surrounds Mt.Everest. Sherpas are considered elite … Read More

Everest Vs Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Everest Trek vs. Annapurna Trek – A basic guide for trekkers

Nepal is a magnificent place that covers more than 30% of the world’s mountain ranges and has many traveling and climbing trails in the Himalayan region. Among them, Annapurna Base camp and Everest base camp are two of the most … Read More

Best of Spiritual Tour Package

Best of Spiritual Tour Package – Last Frontiers Trekking

Best Spiritual Tours in Nepal When it comes to spirituality its diverse nature makes it hard for us to define it in a few simple words. For some it might just be meditating, for some, it might be praying, for … Read More

Best Photographic places in Nepal for tour

Best Photographic places in Nepal for tour

Best Photographic places in Nepal for tour Last Frontiers Photo Tours is a fantastic division of Last Frontiers Group that deals with exposure and documentation of different well-known places’ history, culture, and landscapes. We make exceptional photography travel packages as … Read More