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COVID 19 Vaccine in Bhutan amazing results!!!

As one of the top carbon negative countries, Bhutan has always been in the forefront when it comes to nature, culture, and religious preservation. Covid has had some effect on Bhutan, however the effect is not as nearly as bad as other countries. Bhutan has been maintaining its borders and the spread of the virus even before it seemed like threat. This is why Bhutan was able to contain and slowdown the spread of the virus significantly. Till today, April 9th 2021, only a total of 900 confirmed cases with only one casualty has been recorded (World Health Organization).

Now, there is more good news for this small country as the Vaccines have started rolling out. As of 8th April 2021, Bhutan has already vaccinated more than 472,139 people; which is 85% of the eligible population and 63.7% of the total population of Bhutan. Believe it or not this was all done in the past few weeks of the vaccines roll out. This is why Bhutan maybe the first country to fully vaccinate their entire population. 

This raises great hope for the travel industry and travel lovers who have been postponing their travel plans because of the various restrictions and safety concerns. Even though the boarders of Bhutan are still restricted to international travelers, this provides a positive foresight to travelers in the coming months.

The second dosage for the vaccination program has also already been scheduled a week or two from today’s date, depending on the arrival of more vaccines from India.

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Bhutan had received their first dosage of vaccines back in January. However, they waited for the inauspicious month to pass, which fell in the month of January and February of 2021. The prime minister’s office had also said, “Once we have the required number of doses, our plan is to vaccinate the entire population… in one week,” and also mentioning that it is important to roll the vaccination on an auspicious date.

Their patience and planning seems to have paid off very well as they have become the country who has vaccinated the most of their population in the shortest amount of time. However, even though the have vaccinated almost all of their population with the first dosage, the government of Bhutan has still advised to be cautious and avoid large group and practice the safety precautions. 

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