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When will Bhutan open for tourism?

We have some exciting news for travel enthusiasts. Bhutan, one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia has had one of the best COVID contingency plans. Due to this, it has been able to control the number of deaths to just one. What’s even more amazing is their vaccination protocol.

Bhutan was able to vaccinate more than 60% of its total population with the first dose in March. This was all done in one week. Currently, that number has risen up to 62.82%; this includes everyone from children to elders. If only the eligible population was considered, Bhutan has already vaccinated more than 90% of its eligible population.

Recently, the Foreign Ministry of Bhutan also said that tourism may begin only after at-least 75% of the population is fully vaccinated. This is a very positive direction for travel, as Bhutan is also preparing to start it’s second dose of vaccination. The 12 weeks gap deadline from the first dose is this month. So with a very successful first dose of vaccination, Bhutan is looking into supplies to deal with the shortage for the second dose.

We also have some very useful resources that you can use before planning your travels. Center of Disease Control, the government organization that looks over the various diseases in the United States has one of the best websites to check for vaccination and other health-related updates/recommendations, especially when traveling. 

The CDC rates each country from level 1 (low) to level 4 (high). With a very successful covid contingency plan and vaccination protocol, Bhutan is among the few countries at level 2, moderate risk. As Bhutan is considered a moderate risk destination, CDC has recommended these on its website.

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