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Exciting news for Travel lovers! COVID Travel Restrictions in Nepal and when can you start traveling again?


Almost the whole world has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the country’s economy has been dropping because of the coronavirus situation worldwide. The traveling sector is one sector that has taken a hard hit because of this. So many travelers who have planned their travels in the year 2020 have had to change their travels plans or postpone them for the future because of the COVID travel restrictions to different countries.

Many travelers who love traveling and find traveling heartwarming and love to indulge in themselves in the Beauty of curiosity of a new location and getting in touch with a new community wonder: When they can travel again?

Nepal being a major travel destination for tourists around the world, it has suffered an enormous impact. The first case of the virus was seen in January 2020, when a student studying in China returned from Wuhan.

Time frame COVID-19

  • January: Stage 1; The first case to enter Nepal was in January 2020, when a student returned from China to Nepal. The infected person was cured from the virus. No new cases were seen still March.
  • March: Heavy influx of people from India and other countries increased the number of new cases seen in Nepal. And heavy outflow of people from Kathmandu valley was also recorded. Country was set to lockdown. All social gathering, schools, workplaces, vehicle transport was put to a stop. All international flight was also stopped and travel restrictions was put into action. People was also banned from crossing the Nepal and India boarder.
  • April: Stage 2; First local transmission was confirmed. Lockdown still in progression.
  • May: First casualty from the virus. A woman Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. More influx of people from India as people crossed the boarders despite the boarder blockage. Lockdown still in progression.
  • 21 July: End of first lockdown. Vehicles were allowed to run on an odd and even plate number basis, and most of the government offices were opened.
  • August: A second lockdown was set in to action as more people were seen to move around. However this was shorter than the first lockdown
  • September: Allowance to run odd and even plate number vehicles was set in to act again. Total positive cases 90,814 with 563 deaths till today the day of this post.

Even though the number of cases in Nepal has been relatively low compared to other countries in the world. Because of the covid 19 protocols, traveling around Nepal is not only hard but basically impossible in the current situation. who.com

What does all this mean?

The government of Nepal had put in place many safety measures to control the spread of the virus. Nepal was in a state of a country wide lockdown for almost 5 months and many COVID travel restrictions were placed into action. During this time, no one was allowed to leave their homes other than to get essential items like food, and other utilities. Many stores and offices that were deemed non-essential were closed down during this lockdown.

COVID Travel Restriction in Nepal leads to Empty roads in Nepal
Covid travel restriction and empty roads of Nepal

All the busy streets where empty as they can be. Places where buses and cars would be seen packed were now all empty. Many stores that were were restricted from opening. Their resources were slowly depleting and they had no source of income. Many of them had the notion that they had only two options: Die either of hunger, or because of the virus. And many thought that it would be worst to die because of hunger.

This is why these stores were opening up even though they were instructed to stay closed during the lockdown. International travel was also halted during this time so many of the travelers who traveled to Nepal could not leave the country, as there were no international flights available. However, many of the restaurants and hotels in Nepal offered them with free meals and living accommodations, making their stay a lot better. –Nepalitimes.com

The lockdown was lifted in the month of July for sometime. However, seeing the increase in spread of the virus, the government of Nepal decided to start a district specified lockdown. This was so the areas where the virus was not seen out start the businesses. Eventually the area specified lockdown would fail to yield a satisfying result, this is why Nepal is currently in a state of District wide lockdown.

There are still many strict COVID travel restrictions currently on travel. Anyone coming into Nepal is required to stay in isolation for at least a week. Many of the hotels and restaurants are set up as isolation camps if the visitor is able to afford the rooms there for the duration of their stay. For the more economical option, party palaces are also set up as isolation areas, however these areas aren’t as accommodating as the Hotels. Hotels and resorts would be the best option for travelers if they did decide to travel to Nepal during this time. However, for nepalese who are returning back to Nepal, some of them prefer the economical accommodation.

When can I start traveling to Nepal?

Ancient Pass to Renjo la

Current travel to Nepal is possible. Nepal has already started its international flight to and from the country. Nepalese who were stuck abroad and wanted to return back to Nepal have already started coming in. The government of Nepal has also planned to allow the entry of tourist on October 17th, 2020. We known that the COVID situation has been very strenuous, and mentally tiring for everyone. This is why our team has selected very specific trips that are designed to refresh the mind and recharge your self. From the Ancient Pass of Renjo la, Hiking Langtang, Coffee Origin Trip, and so much more in our signature trips to come.

Even though travelers are allowed to enter Nepal for their travels. There will be many restrictions that will be set to make traveling safe for you as a traveler. The government of Nepal has allowed travel and entry into the country with a visa after the PCR test is negative. Even our team is also working very hard on making sure each and every detail is looked into to make your travel enjoyable and safe, so are other businesses of Nepal.

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“Travel is more than the seeing of sights. It is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the minds of the living.”

– Miriam Beard

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