Exclusive Trips

Looking for a trip or tour in Nepal that will leave an impression on you that you'll not forget? We provide yearly trips and tour, where we collaborate with different organization to provide you the opportunity to expariance the different sectors of Nepal you will not normally be able to get. In the past we have partnered with Tracking Red Panda to organize a tour so that you would be able to see the magnificent Red Pandas in their natural habitats.

This year we have our Annapurna Snow Leopard Expedition which is focused on calculating the population density of snow leopards in the Nyeshyang Valley of Annapurna's Manang District. You will be accompanied by our local guides and a field biologist who are quite knowledgable on the wildlife and the ecosystem of the area.

We also have a "Coffee Origin Trips in the Himalayas" program which is a new program to our list. Nepal is a country of tourism and agriculture; however coffee was not the societal norm. This is changing with the trousim sector flourishing here. With this came the rise of companies that brew coffee beans. Lekali Coffee is one of the most famous coffee brewers who started brewing coffee since 2008. In this trip you will be able to get an oppurtunity to expariance the agricultural, business, and craft themes of Nepal.

Our "Exclusive Trips" is one of our popular programs; as they are very cheap compared to the expariance you are receiving. So please don't want and miss your oppourtunity to get in this trip.


  • The Annapurna Snow Leopard Expedition

    The Annapurna Snow Leopard Expedition

    11 Days / $4,945 (min 4 pax)

    Last Frontiers is excited to announce its collaboration with Legend of the Wild and Global Primates Network (GPN) in presenting a series of Snow Leopard Camera Trap Research expeditions in the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal.

  • Coffee Origin Trip in the Himalayas

    Coffee Origin Trip in the Himalayas

    08 Days/ $2980.00 Tentative 28th February, 2020 to 06th March, 2020

    Coffee has been grown in Nepal and sub-continent for hundreds of years. Many of the present tea plantations first planted coffee. Tea was the natural choice since it is resistant to the rust disease. In the 1980's coffee was planted in the Terai and the hill regions of Nepal.

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