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Global Learning

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Last Frontiers Team designs customized faculty led programs and study abroad programs to Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Our academic global learning field study trips focus on experiential education while immersing students in emerging and remote areas around the world. We pride ourselves on our ethical business practices, focus on providing a safe learning environment, full immersion, and emphasis on meaningful interactions with new communities.

Study Abroad Program we focus on?

Faculty-led J-term or summer learning

Our Last Frontiers Academic Team focuses on faculty-led learning programs. These can be of varying lengths depending on program needs. Using your learning goals as a guide, we will collaborate with you to create and deliver the ideal itinerary. Should you wish, we are also able to work with you to develop suitable pre-trip and post-trip classroom experiences that will enhance the cultural value of the program.

Global Learning
global learning
Faculty-led Academic Focuses Nepal, Bhutan, and India

Anthropology, Economics, Culture, Religion, Humanities, Sociology, Ecology, Climate Change, Placeholder, Placeholder, Placeholder,

Our Expertise

1. Active and innovative engagement

We believe that traveling to a new place and just seeing a new community and culture, is not enough so we plan our academic exploration trips with active and innovative engagement in mind. We look for various ways that students can engage in different activities to ensure a first-hand active learning experience.

2. Local Experts from Nepal, Bhutan, and India

We work with our extensive and long-standing local contacts to help students gain a deeper insight than they would on a vacation. The culture, tradition, environment and economy of a place is ever changing; because of this our experts are some of the best sources to get the information. We especially appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to work with visiting faculty members who bring their own expertise.

3. Local Sustainability and Collaboration

Planning these trips takes many people who are specialized in their own field and we focus on collaboration with local institutions and organizations to support their goals. We follow the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and work with local suppliers and providers to support the logistics of the programs we offer.

Sample Global Learning Opportunities

Community Building and Health

Community Building and Health is something that each country goes through. Experience the start of how communities are formed and how health is one of the most important factor in the development of a community. The purpose of this trip is to understand and see the start of a community and how it is formed; and how health is one of the key factor of community building. - Appreciate the importance of health care system in a community. - Understand the effect of healthcare system in a community.

Development and Sustainability

The Sustainable Development course is focused on the integration of strategies and measures required to achieve sustainable development in a given community. This includes analyzing the current situation, identifying issues, creating goals and objectives, discovering potential problems, and finally implementing solutions. - Understand the importance of Sustainability in the present - See the different methods that a developing country can apply for sustainability development

Religion and Ethnic History

Nepal is a country where major religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, meet and mingle. With more than 650 ethnic groups in the world, Nepal is one of the only countries in the world with more than 123 ethnic groups. Understanding the history of these ethnic groups and the relationship between them and religion; and how these effect the dynamic of each country and community. - Appreciate the different ethnic groups and their history and how they originate - Understand the evolution of multiple ethnic groups coming together and sharing their cultures to create new mixed cultures

Evolution of Culture and Development

Travel to the rural places of Nepal to experience the different cultures and their living styles. Nepal is one of the countries with more than a 100 cultures and own traditions. These cultures and traditions have been preserved since long, generation to generation. However, development has changed this trend. See how development in the community changes the dynamic of a culture and his progression. - Appreciate the importance of multiple cultures - Get an insight of how the culture's change with development

Biodiversity Studies in the Himalayas

Biodiversity is something that needs to be focused and needs attention in the present context. With more and more wildlife being endangered due to development and urbanization, protection to biodiversity is an integral sector to pay close attention to. Understand the different biological diversity, microclimates, and how development can be better manage to preserve the biodiversity in the Himalayan region. - Understand the biodiversity of the Himalayan region. - Appreciate the multiple microclimates and the effect of development to these microclimates and biodiversity.

NGO's and Effect on Development

NGO's play a vital role in the development of a country. Specially in the developing countries and underdeveloped counties, NGO's play a integral part. The purpose of this course is to understand how the actions and activities of NGO's can help in the development of a country, in social, political, and cultural context. - Understand the importance of NGO's in development, - Get an insight of how NGO's can effect the country's development in different sectors.

Plan Your Study Abroad Experience

Planning a study abroad trip for your college. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our academic exploration team.
A monk wraps a ceremonial scarf around a man's neck in a temple, while another monk stands nearby. The man, seemingly on a field study trip with his backpack, is immersed in the experience amid ornate decorations and framed pictures. This scene epitomizes the beauty of global learning through experiential education.
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Advantages of using locally based tour operators

  1. The most reliable first-hand information comes from the destination itself. When a school uses a third-party travel company at home that deals with a locally based company where information could get misrepresented, the benefit of using direct locally based tour company allows you to remove this misinformation.

  2. When a higher education institution has the opportunity to work directly with the local operator, it should ensure that proper health and safety protocols are followed on-site.

  3. Traveling to a foreign country can demand last-minute changes and adjustments to a tour program. Working directly with a local tour operator will allow for easier and faster decision-making.

  4. Working directly with the faculty, you will gain a greater level of control and autonomy over your educational experience. You’ll also find it less expensive to arrange your program using the local operator, who can claim that 80 percent of their gross income directly goes back into local communities.

  5. When using local tour operators, it is easier to book a program and cancel it at a later date. Travel agents usually require a deposit more than 90 days before the start of the program and have strict cancellation policies. Local tour operators can work directly with the university and are more flexible concerning cancellations.

  6. By working with locally based tour operators, you can create a custom study abroad program on the ground. Unlike some larger agencies that re-sell study abroad programs designed by others, locally based tour operators design study abroad programs from scratch.

A group of six people stands in front of Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as Monkey Temple, in Kathmandu, Nepal. They are smiling and dressed in casual clothing, likely participating in a faculty-led program for j-term. The temple features a large stupa with prayer flags.
Hikers with backpacks and walking poles traverse a rocky mountain landscape with snow-capped peaks under a clear blue sky, participating in faculty-led programs that promote experiential education.

Downside of locally based tour operators

  1. Local tour operators can only offer insurance for the local staffs during a program, while home-based travel agents can also offer general liability insurance to students while they are traveling.

  2. As a locally-based tour operator, we are unable to recommend travel insurance for your trip, since we do not deal directly with international travel insurance carriers. Please see your school’s program for information about obtaining the proper travel insurance for your journey.

Some of the Universities we have hosted study programs

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