Host your retreat in these locations

One of the first questions that everyone has when speaking about a retreat is How to Organize a Retreat.  

The other question that follows up is how to select a location, and how to choose venue.


There are many amazing locations to host a retreat, on this blog, we will share with you some of the few small properties that we feel will fit your balance to host a retreat in Nepal.

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Vishuddhi Alaya Resort is a place where we experience the silence of nature and, along with that, peacefulness and spaciousness within ourselves. The resort is located in a serene, natural environment that promotes tranquility and relaxation of our entire being. With its paradise-like seclusion and facilities, the retreat is an ideal location to withdraw from our stressful daily lives and reconnect to nature and ourselves. Being located in the neighboring area of the sacred pilgrimage site of Namo Buddha, the place is steeped in spiritual energy, which enhances the feeling of peacefulness and oneness.

Namo Buddha Resort is perched on a hilltop at 1800m, just outside the Kathmandu Valley. The resort is an oasis of peace and tranquility, offering spectacular views of the Himalayan mountain range on clear days. Our resort is built in traditional Newari style, surrounded by organic farmland, flower gardens, and forest, where we encourage sustainable methods of cultivation as well as preserving the natural wildlife habitat.

Chhahari Retreat is nestled in the lap of the Shivapuri hills, bordering the wildlife and flora rich – Shivapuri National Park. At this quaint boutique getaway, you will not find uniformed staff or extravagant four-course meals. At Chhahari, let nature prod you into getting off the grid. Let your mind wander with abandon. Breathe in the fresh air of the northern hills. Take in the abundant greenery. Bask in the warm sunlight at 1600m. Listen to the sounds of the forest. Feel the afternoon breeze as it bounces off the hills. Do not rush.

Chandra Ban Retreat is located on the edge of Shivapuri National Park, just 35 minutes from the center of Kathmandu with five luxury rooms & apartments for rent, in a beautiful green, home-stay lodge. Each apartment has been independently designed with a private terrace or garden area, offering stunning views over the Valley of Kathmandu. The entire lodge is decorated with Himalayan antique furniture, artifacts and artworks.

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge is perched 1,000 feet above the Pokhara Valley with a spectacular Himalayan backdrop, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge provides a perfect haven, the essence of tranquillity. Ideal for guests pre- and post-trek, or for those wishing to take day walks exploring local communities, bird-watching, gentle exercise, or just to relax in a typical Nepalese rural setting.

Queen’s forest, or Raniban in Nepali, is where Raniban Retreat is located.  On the secluded hillock of Raniban hill forest in Pokhara resides a unique boutique hotel offering you an eco-friendly environment tailor-made for you. You can call it the Queen’s Retreat!!  Visitors all say Raniban is the best view and a most peaceful location in Pokhara – for magnificent panoramic views of the Himalayan panorama, the Majestic Fewa Lake, the Enchanting World Peace Pagoda, and the Charming Pokhara Valley. 

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