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Travel is our passion since 1984

Among these men who carried loads to South Col twice in 1953 is the grandfather of our existence.

Legacy of Last Frontiers 35 Years

Inspiring adventure travel company since 1984

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We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest adventure companies in Nepal. With our excitement, exhilaration, and enthusiasm to explore the adventurous lands of mountains and moors, our mission is to share these passions with you. Here at Last Frontiers, not only do we offer amazing travel choices, but we are also very passionate about delivering motivating travel experiences at a great value, making your journey not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

We specialize in carefully designed and customized itineraries that reflect our wide-ranging travelers’ interests and preferences. Your dream adventure is awaiting you. Let us help you create a special one.


Traveling can be relaxing, exciting, enlightening and so much more. We know that you have many other reasons for traveling beyond those. Maybe you want to learn more about a new location, make connections with the people there, and understand their lifestyle. Perhaps you want to find inspiring people and cultures. Or it could be that you want to revisit a place you’ve been to before, but more in-depth.

Our Last Frontiers team is dedicated to understanding your reasons for traveling, and then together with you, we will create the ideal itinerary which is specifically dedicated to your expectations.

You might wonder why you don’t see travel itineraries on our website. This is because each of our trips are planned to perfectly suit our specific travelers’ expectations. To make it easier, we have created “Themes” so travelers can start thinking about which aspects of a new location they want to focus on.

Maybe it’s Adventure to get your adrenaline running, or Culture to understand the lifestyle of a new location, or even Spiritual to relax your mind and center yourself or a transformational experience. We invite you to explore the possibilities of what you can experience when you travel with Last Frontiers Trekking.

Inspiring adventure travel company
"It is so good to hear from you. We hold so many for memories with you. Big Mahalo for reaching out. I have been discussing this issue with fellow trekkers. We plan to contact you with our future adventure plans abroad and will share your contact information with others."
Guest Traveler
Travel to the Mountain


A trip to a new location can be intimidating. There are so many things to consider when planning a trip. How can  you know how much time will be needed to visit all the cool places, religious monuments and different cultural events? Having to plan for all of this and think about these details doesn’t make the trip relaxing, as it is supposed to be. And even with all your best efforts, there is still a chance you’ll miss some wonderful cultural events and locations.

Are you considering taking a trip to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, or India? If you are then you’re probably overwhelmed with the planning. So we are here to assist you with that. The Last Frontiers team is dedicated to making your trip as relaxing as it can be. Our main focus is to understand what your purpose of traveling is, and then we do the planning making sure you don’t miss a single opportunity to visit and experience all the places you want.


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Together, our team has been planning and executing various trips for many travelers and building relationships with them. We love creating these relationships so that we can craft the perfect trip that you are looking forward to.

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Whether you’re looking for a grand escapade, or just a relaxing getaway – we, at Last Frontiers, are always on hand to tailor-make your journey through the Himalayas and Desert of Rajasthan bringing the magic of adventure and discovery to life. Ready to explore the lands of incredible people, culture, heritage and nature? Come travel with us and make your trip a memorable one.