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World Adventure Travel Collective

Last Frontiers is proud to join the World Adventure Travel Collective.

Meet us at ATTA summit Virtual

The Virtual Summit will be hosted by Hokkaido, Japan on 20-24 September 2021 and we will be there to meet you.

Partnership Programs to craft Journeys of a Lifetime Experience

Nepal - India - Bhutan - Tibet - Himalayas

Sometimes, the best partnerships in travel and tourism are just around the corner. When running a tour business it always crucial to grow your partner network, increase your client base, increase sales, and promote your tours and activities. The partnership does not have to be global but can also be extended to local partnerships.

For Last Frontiers partnership means a chance to meet and work with other people within the tourism industry, or even from your niche. Making new acquaintances means possibly growing your business network. It also means both sides get a chance to, hopefully, learn something new and exchange ideas, experience, and knowledge. The main objective at the end of the day, it basically means creating jobs and opportunity to our people and community.

For the past 35 years, we have been partnering as White Label partners with our partners. If you are looking to expand your travel reach to different countries without needing to establish your business in the country, we are the perfect partners for you.

With our 35 years of travel experience in some of the most popular destinations in Asia, we would love to chat with your about partnering together to expand your business. If you would like to learn more about the partnership you can learn more here.

Industry Partner Affiliate Program

This program is quiet different from the Affiliate program, because this is for outdoor industry organizations. We'd love to hear from you, our commission on this program is much more generous compare to the general affiliate program. No cost to join, just email us.

partnership program
"I have known Nima Tashi Sherpa since the 1980s, pretty much since he was born. In recent years, he has assumed a major part of the responsibilities in managing the trekking business Last Frontiers Trekking established and run for many years by his father Mingma Dorje Sherpa. He is great to work with and plan treks and holidays with, very professional, straightforward, and flexible, and pays great attention to detail and the customer's comfort and convenience. As a result of their combined efforts over many years, Last Frontiers is a very special outfit."
David Francis

Referral Programs

Referral program revolves around the shared relationship between our customers, their friends or associates. In the past, we have received numerous guest via referral. With this new referral program, we want to reward our referrers, by offering discounts, or an upgrade of service in the future trips you sign up. Reach out to us, if you are a referrer to receive this reward.

How to join the Referral Program, very easy step. You just let us know via email that you have referred a friend to our trip. Once, we verify this with the traveler, we will automatically put you on our list of reward winners.

Affiliate Program

We are always on the hunt for creative websites, influencers and travel bloggers from around the world in our field. Specifically, we are very interested in those that are focused on adventure, outdoor lifestyle, travel and leisure tours – to join our global affiliate program. Our affiliate program will provide you a commission of 15% on every customer who has paid for their trip.

Yes, it is a free to join our program but we review your form, and if we feel that you are the right fit for Last Frontiers, then we will send out a personal code for you, which you can distribute to your potential followers.

Whether you’re looking for a grand escapade, or just a relaxing getaway – we, at Last Frontiers, are always on hand to tailor-make your journey through the Himalayas and Desert of Rajasthan bringing the magic of adventure and discovery to life. Ready to explore the lands of incredible people, culture, heritage and nature? Come travel with us and make your trip a memorable one.