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Last Frontiers Photography Tours is the experiential photography division of the Last Frontiers Group. We create photography journeys that are simply incomparable because we will first learn what your guest intend to achieve from this tours. Led by our local guides, we will do our best to accomplish your vision and offer tips.

We offer a wide variety of photographic tours including safaris in India that are suitable for both amateur and professional photographers alike.

Travel along with us, as delve into the art, music, culture, traditions, politics, and the community life of a new place that are worlds apart with experienced experts - the people who live there. There is so much to explore and so little time, so let's start here and explore with us.  let us know if would you like to create a photo tour in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet.

Working directly with locally based Tour Operators

As a professional travel photographer you are constantly busy with many destination you take your photo tours.  Some of your mission could be create world-class photographic experiences, deliver experiences that help photographers of every level realize their creative potential, focused on getting you to the best locations with the best possible light, cultural experiences,  and focus on wildlife, landscape, or architectural sites.

No matter what your vision and mission is for the photo tours, as an local tour operator, we will constantly work with you to achieve these.  Our experiences tell us, it takes at least 2 years of planning an photo tour, and we will make sure that until the day of the tour, we will keep you updated.

Traveling to a new location for the first photo tour will have many questions.  When working with Last Frontiers, we will make sure that every question is answered, and that our guest travels with no uncertainties.

  • Personalized Trips

    Contacting us directly will provides you with the advantage of personalizing your trip. Every photo tour is personalized to meet the needs of your group. There is no cookie cutter itinerary that gets sold to everybody. Every tour is hand-crafted to match the specifications of your guest and photographers. After contacting us, we will be discussing with you about where, when, and more to create a trip that will be suited for your group.
  • Convenient Cancellation Policy

    One of the benefits of working with a local tour operators directly is providing you and your group the flexiblity on our cancellation policy. We will work together, so that both of us meet our goal, and our guest feel easy to decide on our tours.
  • Instant Alteration

    As far as there are NO major changes on an agreed tour, some minor alertion that does not affect the tour, logistic, pricing, we should be able to make changes right away on site.
  • Fair Pricing Structure

    Since, we are a locally based tour company - 80% of the cost of the trip will go directly to the locals, hotels, vehicles, guides, staffs that we use inland. No corners will be cut because you are working directly with a local operator.
  • Locally Based Experties

    Since we are based out of Kathmandu, with offices in Bhutan, India and Tibet, we know our destination, and we can easily make an itinerary for your groups based on understanding your needs on a trip.
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Some of our partners and friends from the travel photography circle.

Nepal and Bhutan Alumni Travel Groups Trekk

Back in 2017, I met John in Seattle.  John has previously been to Bhutan many years ago, and wanted to do a Photo Tour in Bhutan.  We planned out for 2 years ahead of the tour, and finally operated it in 2019.  I personally learned quiet a bit about Photo Tours, and was amazing to be a like-minded group of guests.

Rajasthan Tiger and Tiger reserve travel tour

Its been a while now, back in 2013, we created a trip entering from China into Tibet (4 nights), fly into Nepal (7 nights), fly to Bhutan (5 nights), and fly back Nepal or exit from Bhutan for John from Moab, UT. We met during a photo conference, and we planned out this photo tour for him.

Tibet and Nepal Alumni Travel group and trek

We met back in 2010 probably and worked on few cultural photo tours in Nepal.  This is one of the image from our first scouting trek in Nepal, where we hiked up to 3200 meters our highest point and i learned alot about Orchids from Sasha.  After the trek, we drove to Chitwan National Park to see the one-horned rhinos.

Rajasthan and Forts and Palace Tour and Travel Alumni Travel

Greg from TN, we got connected back in 2018, while he was assisting a tour in India, and made a excursion trip to Nepal for few days.  The above image is one of the moments from an early morning shoot we did at the Hindu's holiest temple Pashupatinath during the festival of Mahashivatri.

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