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Amazing story of ZERO COVID-19 casualties in Bhutan!

COVID 19 and Bhutan : Bhutan also known as the land of the Druk (The land of the Dragon), is one of the most independent land locked countries in Asia. Bhutan is well known for its well structured and organized system, also making it one of the carbon negative countries in the whole world. However, the virus that causes COVID 19 did not fail to enter this country as well. The amazing story of COVID and Bhutan began in March of 2020!

COVID 19 and Bhutan
PCR Testing and COVID response Bhutan

Timeline Bhutan and COVID 19

  • March : The first case of positive COVID was seen on a 76 year old US male traveling from India. Immediate restriction of foreign tourist for two weeks, and closer of schools.
  • April : Many Bhutanese who were not inside the country were brought in to the country. A COVID 19 testing lab was also set up at Mongar Regional Referral hospital.
  • May : 11,000 people tested for COVID; about 9,000 Rapid Test and 2,400 PCR test. US $400,000 was granted to the Ministry of Health and used for test kits and the containment of COVID. Bhutanese in India allowed to enter in to the country with mandatory 21 day quarantine.
  • June : 138 Bhutanese people from Qatar, Bahrain, USA, UK, Brazil Netherlands and Italy arriving at Paro International Airport through Doha taken to quarantine.
  • July : Total number of cases recorded 101, with a total of 89 positive cases recovered.
  • August : After more positive cases was seen, a stricter lockdown was implemented by His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. Sealing the India Military Training Team and the foreign diplomats for 10 days.
  • September : Royal Government of Bhutan extended the lockdown until 17 September 2020, because of the increase of COVID cases. – who.com

What does this mean?

To date there have been no casualties due to COVID recorded in Bhutan. The Government of Bhutan had taken strong measures against COVID, specially when the first case of the virus was seen.

The government of Bhutan also created a one-year income grant to the residents of Bhutan to reduce the impact caused by social distancing and lockdown, as the work places and schools closes down. Almost 190,000 students attended their classes online to make sure the spread of COVID 19 could be better controlled.

This was a great effort on the government’s part to reduce the number of people who travel. People who were using Bhutanese mobile operators were also offered 1 GB free data. Similarly the banks in the country also waved the interest rates on loans for a period of six months making the living situation easier.

Reports also indicated a large increase in the sales by farmers, as the international boarders were closed and locked down, more people were getting locally grown vegetables.

Bhutan and Travel after COVID? 2021

Travel to Bhutan
Travel to Bhutan 2021

Traveling to Bhutan currently is not allowed as the International boarders and flights are still locked. Unlike Nepal, the government of Bhutan has not yet announced when they will be reopening the International boarders and flights to allow tourist travel in the country. However, we will stay updated on this situation as more updates come up. As the situation in Bhutan changes we will keep travel lovers like you informed, so subscribe if you want to be the first to be updated on travel.

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