Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices

Among these men who carried loads to South Col twice in 1953 is the grandfather of our existence.

With much research and experience, we have set out pillars on which we focus on our ever travel with you.

Nepal - India - Bhutan - Tibet - Himalayas Travel is our passion and we know it is yours too. With the excitement, exhilaration and enthusiasm to explore the adventurous lands of mountains and moors, we hold a mission to share this passion with you.We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest adventure company in Nepal. Here, at Last Frontiers, not only do we offer amazing travel choices, we are also dead passionate about delivering awe-inspiring travel experiences at great value making your journey not only meet but even exceed your expectations. We specialize in carefully designed and customized itineraries that reflect our wide ranging travelers’ interests and preferences. Your dream adventure is awaiting you. Let us help you create a especial one.

Responsible Travelling

Precious are the cultures and traditions – fragile are the natural environments – and absolutely dependent on tourism are the communities we come across as we travel. It is our utter responsibility as visitors to keep from what is precious and watch out our presence to leave an impact that becomes an uplifting example of positive actions. This is why we create genuine sustainable adventure itineraries with a raft of responsible tourism practices for our travelers to be ‘Responsible Travelers.’

Sustainable & Responsible Travel
Eco Travel

Eco Adventures

We are very much aware of the fact that our adventures can pollute environments, damage ecosystems and exploit local communities. Hence, we play an active role in environmental conservation projects supporting low visitor impact and encouraging the participation of local people in all that we do. In addition to offering sustainable benefits to local communities, we are equally providing our travelers with educational components with regards to support for local cultures and biodiversity.

Social Commitments

We aren’t here just to do business – we are also committed to living our values, maintaining our integrity and ensuring that we protect human rights within our sphere of influence. We make sure that travelers, local communities and other stakeholders, all are treated with the same respect and equality. In order to protect our most vulnerable societies, we promote justice, equity and contribution programs across our communities by joining hands with various non-profit organizations.

Social Commitments

Travel Safety and Experience

We are your travel partner you can always count on. We are there for you from the minute you clear customs to the time you head out for home again. We have been providing the highest degree of safety and security for our travelers for past three decades. Truth be told, no environment is entirely risk-free, however, our safety protocols, risk management standards and extensive travel know-how can provide you with a secure and hassle-free travel experience as you travel with us.

Financial Protection

We understand that financial security is very important when making travel arrangements because paying for your adventure is one of the biggest commitments you will make. This is why we ensure that your money is secure and you will be safely repatriated back home. You will still get the most out of your travel just in case things don’t go according to plan. With Last Frontiers, your money is automatically protected even in case of a financial failure in the arrangements.

Financial Protection
Travelers Against Plastic

We believe that preserving a clean, safe, healthy environment is imperative to meeting the world's energy needs. Continually striving to minimize potential negative environmental impacts of our activities and operations, we have teamed up with TAP to visualize a self-sustaining global movement resulting in the near-elimination of travelers’ dependence on plastic water bottles. We encourage our travelers to take the pledge to travel responsibly and use reusable water containers during the travels.

Whether you’re looking for a grand escapade, or just a relaxing getaway – we, at Last Frontiers, are always on hand to tailor-make your journey through the Himalayas and Desert of Rajasthan bringing the magic of adventure and discovery to life. Ready to explore the lands of incredible people, culture, heritage and nature? Come travel with us and make your trip a memorable one.