Top 10 Festivals in Nepal
2022 - 2023 Dates

Festivals in Nepal
Among the various festivals in Nepal. Here are 10 of the most popular festivals that are celebrated by the numerous ethnic groups in Nepal. These festivals are a great time to plan a trip and experience the culture of Nepalese people. 
festivals in Nepal
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1. Lhosar

Among the many festivals in Nepal, Lhosar is widely celebrated by Nepalese ethnic groups who trace their herniate to Tibet – namely Sherpa, Tamang and Gurung people. Losar is the New Year celebration for these ethnic group of people. Each community celebrated this festival in their own way. Traditional dresses are worn by young and old; and family gatherings take place wishing each-other a new year.
2022 : Feb 2
2023 : Feb 3

2. Maha Shivaratri

Shivaratri directly translating to “The night of Load Shiva”. On this day, devoted Hindus bathe early in the morning and then fast, before going to the Shiva temple for prayers and worship. The bathing before visiting the temple signifies puffing ones self before entering the home of the Lord Shiva.
One of the best place to observe and experience this festival is at the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. This temple is very close to the International Tribhuvan Airport. So if you have the chance, make sure you get to know where this place is when arriving Kathmandu. 
During this day, Many Shades gather to smoke marijuana and hashish. This is because marijuana and hashish are considered dear to Lord Shiva. People also drink Bhang, which is a drink made by mixing ground nuts, spices, herbs, and extracts of marijuana into milk.
2022 : March 1
2023 : Feb 18

3. Fagu Purnima (Holi)

Fagu Prunima, or more famously known as Holi is perhaps arguable one of the most well known festival in Nepal. This Festival takes place in the Nepali month of Falgun, when the full month occurs; this is the reason for it being known as the “Fagu Purnima”. This festival is held over two days. The first day is usually celebrated by the people in the Terai (south) region of Nepal. The second day is usually celebrated by the people in Kathmandu and the Hilly region. 
This festival is one the most lively festival filled with colored powders, and water fights using colored water and water balloons. I highly recommend that you take part in this celebration so that you can experience the joy and energy of this festival.
2022 : March 17-18
2023 : March 6-7

4. Ghode Jatra

Ghode Jatra is one important Jatra in the Kathmandu valley, and is celebrated to ward off the demonic Gurumanpa. According to ancient beliefs, the soul of the demon still lives under the grounds of Tundikhel. So to prevent the soul of this demon from arising, a horse race is organized on this day by the Nepal Army.
It is truly a sight to behold, as observers there isn’t much you can participate in. However this is a great opportunity to experience and observe a part of Nepal.
2022 : April 01
2023 : March 21

5. Bisket Jatra (Nepali New Year)

As like everywhere, the Nepali New Year is always a lively time in Nepal. Bhaktapur is specially a lively place to spend this day on. On this day the Basket Jatra festival takes place in Bhaktapur, where a huge chariot carrying the god Bhairab is pulled through the streets, eventually ending with the chariot battle at Bhaktapur’s Khanlna Tole.
2022 : April 14
2023 : April 14

6. Buddha Jayanti

Lord Buddha’s, also known as the light of Asia, birthday falls on the first full day of the first month of the lunar calendar. As the birth place/country of Lord Buddha, Buddhist and Hindus celebrate this festival dearly. It is mainly observed at Buddhist shrines and monasteries through Nepal. However, this celebration is specially celebrated with a grand ceremony in the Birth city of Buddha, Lumbini. In Kathmandu, one of the location where this festival is celebrated is the Boudhanath Stupa.
2022 : May 8
2023 : May 26

7. Rato Macchindranath

This festival is one of the longest and largest festival in Nepal. Held in the city of Patan and Lalitpur, a giant chariot is build on Pulchowk Road over many weeks. After the chariot is completed, the god Machchhendranath is placed inside. After three days, the chariot begins its journey throughout Patan and Lalitpur, towards Bungamati. 
Machchhendranath is the Newer god of rain, and this festival is celebrated to welcome and usher in the monsoon.
2022 : May – June
2023 : May – June

8. Teej August

Teej is a festival celebrated exclusively by Nepali women. This festival stretches over three days around the month of August and September. On this day, women wear red saris and red tika. The women sing and dance for the long lives of their husband, and a long and firm relationship until death parts them. Teen is observed for marital happiness, the well-being of spouse and children, along with the purification of own body and soul.
2022 : August 30
2023 : September 18

9. Dashain

Dashain is the most important festival for Nepalese. This festival stretches over for about 10 days, with various stages. This festival is celebrated the prevailing of good over evil. According to ancient beliefs, the goddesses Durga had fought a demon for 10 days and finally over can the demon after 10 days of battle. So many families who celebrate this offer male goats to the goddess Durga.
2022 : September 26 – October 8 
2023 : October 15 – October 28

10. Tihar 

Among the many festivals in Nepal, Tihar is one of the festivals which is very lively and bright. Tihar, very well known as the Festival of Lights is another important festival which comes very soon after Dashain. This day is celebrated for three days where different deities are worshipped on different days. The first day is the crow, who is the messenger of the Lord Yama (the god of death). On the first day, the crows are given various grains and food to eat to please the crows.
Second day, the dogs are worshipped. Dogs are believed to be the custodians of Lord Yama.
On the third day the goddesses Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity) is worshipped. On this day, many of the houses are decorated with oil lamps, candles and colorful lights to welcome the goddesses.
Check out of recent blog on Tihar to understand the full story of this amazing celebration
2022 : October 25 – 27
2023 : November 13 – 15
festivals in Nepal
There are just few of the festivals that are celebrated in Nepal. There are so many amazing things you can experience while getting an adventure of a lifetime. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and Facebook to stay updated on travel updates, tips and so much more. 

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