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COVID 19 Nepal New Updates with Travel Requirements to Nepal | 29th March, 2021

Many Countries have restricted travel due to the covid situation. From covid restricting travel within the country, to restrictions for international travelers. As a person who loves to travel, I’m sure you would love to stay updated on the travel and tourism situation in different countries. In this post, we provide an update on the Covid Travel Protocol and Restrictions for Travelers who want to come to Nepal for Travel.

Nepal had previously restricted entry for international travelers, who do not have a Nepalese Passport. However, as the number of Covid cases dropped significantly, the government of Nepal had allowed international travelers to enter the country with some requirements.

Now, as the covid cases drop more, the government of Nepal has updated the restrictions and protocol for entry of international Travelers into Nepal. On March 29th, 2021, the government of Nepal released new protocols on how to enter Nepal and the requirements required to receive Visa as a tourist, which is much easier than the previous requirements.

To receive the Visa you will require some documents. You can receive the visa in your home country, if possible, or in Nepal during arrival. However, it is advised to get the Visa in your home country, if possible, to make your arrival to smoother.

What do I need for the visa to Nepal? | Requirements for Visa:

  • Travel Recommendation Letter from the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), which will be requested by your travel agent. For this reason, you will be required to travel with a travel agent that is based in Nepal. This will be processed and provided to you by your travel agent company in Nepal.
  • Confirmation letter of five days accommodation in Nepal. (For further information, please Contact Us on how long your accommodation will be.)
  • Travel insurance that covers health, immediate crisis and rescue for the duration of your Travel. (No special travel insurance is required that is specific to COVID, this is the regular Travel Insurance that is required for all travelers.)

What do I need before boarding the flight to Nepal? | Requirements before boarding your first flight:

  • Along with the requirements mentioned for the Visa above, you are required to have a negative PCR test result of a swab taken 72hr prior to your first flight to Nepal. So, if you are located in New York, USA. The swab for the negative PCR test result needs to be taken 72hr prior to your flight from New York, USA.

What are the protocol after landing in Nepal? | Requirements after landing in Nepal:

  • An immediate PCR test is required after arriving in Nepal, for all travelers regardless of vaccination or a negative PCR test result (taken prior to the flight). This PCR test in Nepal will be on the expense of the traveler. The PCR test in Nepal usually cost around _ and takes _ days for the results. (For further details and clarification Contact Us.)
  • If a negative PCR test result is seen, no quarantine is required after the negative PCR test result.
  • In the case the PCR test result is positive, quarantine is required until a negative PCR test result is seen. After which the itinerary can be followed.

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