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Academic Exploration

Do you want to travel and learn at the same time? Do you want to broaden your academic horizon of knowledge?
What if you could learn from a hands-on experience while traveling places for the purpose of your academic research? Wouldn’t that be great?
Academic Exploration programs with Last Frontiers are powered by educators, travel industry leaders and experts who are absolutely passionate about traveling. No doubt, Last Frontiers is super committed to creating high quality, customized educational travel programs in the regions it operates – Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan and Rajasthan.
Our programs are run by experts offer you extraordinary insights, leadership and behind the scene access that are simply not possible for regular tours. Our plans concentrate on exploration and educational travels including museum, zoos, handicraft factories, local color dyeing facilities, local weavers, painters, artisans, rangers, and more. Our trips are filled with different areas of interest that include combine studies, workshops, adventures, and leisure activities. We personally design and scout every detail of every route, choosing only the very best and safest roads and addresses. Our trips are thoughtfully designed to challenge, inspire, and engage the explorers.
Our plans consist of engaging, knowing, and educating students for development, team performance, leadership, perceptiveness, and lifetime achievements. It is also our goal to achieve this optimal educational travel experience while demanding and holding the highest levels of safety, fun, integrity and respect for each and every traveler.
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