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Agriculture & Gardening

Agriculture and Gardening tour with Last Frontiers will take you to visit local farmers, get together with native people, visit co-operative farming, meet up with farmers involved in high end cash crops, interact with the gardeners and much more. We also create small detailed programs, like training courses, internship programs in the field, or any other kind of projects feasible within the area and people.

Last Frontiers makes a journey into the people’s lives that are still a part of primitive farming. We will get along the farmers that use organic manure in the remote parts of the region. We also educate them with the modern ways of farming and provide them with chemical fertilizers for more productivity.

This tour will acquaint you with the ways regional people like to create their gardens. From the basic gardens of a local villager, to a bio-technical garden, and to the gardens that carry a long history, our tour will be planned focusing on gardening which can also be merged with other travel themes.
Farming in Nepal
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