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Crafts and Culinary – one of our finest and newest theme is designed for interested travelers to learn about the artistry of food and flair in the destinations like Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan and Rajasthan.
Our expertise in the Himalayan countries give you the best of the travel programs focusing on the artisans, craftsmen, local culinary and plazas. We visit art gallery, museums, and heritage sites, where craftsmanship, aesthetic conception and architecture are found immensely.
Our crafts & culinary trips are specifically designed for those travelers that want hands-on interaction with remote cultures, traditions, customs, markets and their arts and crafts.
Nepal Clay pot making


Throughout the Kathmandu Valley centuries-old traditional artisan skills continue today. Take a tour to meet experts in woodcarving, stone masonry, pottery or Thangka painting who have been practicing this skills for generations.


Bhutan’s arts and crafts reflect unique spirit and identity of the Himalayan kingdom. The thirteen arts and crafts of Bhutan remains very much alive today. They include carpentry, blacksmiths, weaving, sculpting and many of the crafts.


There is little tradition of artistic crafts manship in Ladakh, most luxury articles in the past having been obtained through imports. If you travel through the remotest parts of the state, it will give an insight into the world of art and craft in Ladakh.
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