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Humanitarian Journeys

Humanitarian Journeys at Last Frontiers let you explore, challenge, and provide assistance to needed people for a benevolent purpose. These trips will include of visiting help needed sites, people, and working with them. This travel will also consist of providing either logistic or material support to these people. Our program will primarily focus on Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan and Rajasthan where we will work with Non Profit organizations, INGO’s, and modest communities.
Humanitarian trip is not only a tourist travel plan. In humanitarian trips, our volunteers experience rare cultural opportunities. Depending upon situations, volunteers live in rural villages, live in simple houses, take outdoor showers (no hot water), work in physically demanding projects, eat local food, use outhouses, and experience the hard realities faced by the 2/3 of the world population living in the developing countries. All these experiences will be radically different from our present daily life.
Our trips are well planned, routed, and logistically feasible to create a fantastic experience. Some of the humanitarian work during a trip will include - engaging with women trafficking, orphaned street kids, orphaned kids with parents in prison, empowering women in rural areas, earthquake victims, food or flood crisis victims, and rehabilitation.
Last Frontiers Trekking designs one of kind travel itineraries for those who enjoy the finer things in life. A well-planned journey can bring a transformation. Everyday stress melts away in the lap of impeccable luxury and service. Add in the excitement of an interesting destination and the combination becomes too hard to resist. We will connect you to the people who required assistance, and facilitate you in your travel.
Humanitarian Journeys
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