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Preservation & Restoration

Preservation & Restoration Journeys at Last Frontiers takes you to explore, challenge, and provide assistance to needed people and the community of the destinations we visit. Similar to the humanitarian and volunteer journeys, in this journey, we will engage in helping, maintaining, and constructing sites that are useful not only in the community but for the world.

Preservation and restoration trips are planned around the rural communities, restoration of monasteries, hiking trails, plantations, and so much more. This trip will include visiting the right people, interacting with head of the communities, non-profit organization that are focused on restoration and saving. This travel will also consist of providing either logistic or material backing to these masses.

Our programs will specialize in a broad range of preservation and restoration services which will include museums, monasteries, synagogues, cultural places, indigenous heritage, and a great deal more.
At Last Frontiers, we include surveys and assessments, restoration treatment methods, stabilization, reconstruction, object analysis, and hands on involvement with the communities.
Our restoration projects include archaeological artifacts, objects, sculptures, paintings, ethnographic materials, historic Cemeteries, historic collections, natural history and anatomical collections, paintings and fabrics. Our trips are well planned, routed, and logistically feasible to create a fantastic experience. These preservation & restoration will also include – adventure travel, leisure tours, or any other form travel that will fit right to the program.

Our trips can be tailor made for your purpose of travel where we connect you to the people and community.
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