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Spiritual Awakening Trips

Sacred & Spiritual quests offers deepen your connections with spirit, and wisdom travels in the region of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. We travel to these ancient sites in search of spiritual adventure and transformation. Together, we visit stone circles, healing wells, sacred mountains and modern crop circles. We explore pilgrimage routes and ancient paths, connecting with these sacred energies wherever we go.  We are walking the path of the mystics.

Our focused regions are best suitable for these scared and spiritual travels where we travel to the most significant and important sites for these powerful journeys. We connect with sacred sites, ancient traditions, living rituals and healing practices. Our programs are carefully designed, based upon a network of cooperation with the local people, and communities.

We, at last frontiers, consider the most significant journeys to be sacred journeys: those that involve a quest for wisdom and understanding that extends beyond our five senses and the physical world that surrounds us. Viewed in this way, it doesn't matter how far geographically you may travel. Our trips are away from the normal standard tours; these will focus from going to the remote area, to spiritual places, interacting with amazing local wisdom keepers, traditional healers, gurus, Shaman, and other local experts to learn from their immense wisdom and knowledge.

We recognize the importance of a well-balanced tourism offering, and each travel plan is carefully designed to provide a subtle blend of seamless destination management, interconnected with the earth, exploration of the country and culture, personal development, relaxation and integration time, ceremonies and meditation, group consciousness support and guidance, and something unique and undivided.

Sacred sites remain spiritually meaningful to millions today and the ancient practice of pilgrimage is as popular as ever. But you don't have to be a believer to recognize that holy places, religious architecture, and sacred art are some of the most beautiful and interesting sights you'll encounter in your travels. In our tour, you will experience the deep spiritual atmosphere of these sacred places on a journey of a lifetime.

spiritual and sacred

When traveling for a purpose like spiritual wakening, at Last Frontiers, we will discuss with you all the details, and we work with small groups, where we can create a unique symphony together.


Nepal has so much to offer as far as spirituality, the connection to scared places, astrology, healing, meditation, beliefs, and that's when visiting you don’t go for certain “places” but immerse being in the culture.


The atmosphere in Tibet wields you to search for spirituality because of the deep connection to Buddhism. The connection between spirituality and scared places can be discovered from the unique sound of mantras and chanting in the monasteries.


Spirituality is a term that is interlocked with happiness, love, compassion, forgiveness and a sense of well-being, in Bhutan. For those travelers seeking a place of solace, rest and contemplation, the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan has everything you need.


Spirituality in Rajasthan can be discovered by experiencing India’s rich spiritual history, connection to spiritual retreats, reflecting the artistic excellence of the sculptors of old years and immersing oneself into the culture of the people.

"Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling"

Margaret Lee Runbeck

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