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We provide you with the right wildlife experiences in our destinations. What sets Last Frontiers apart from others is our hands-on knowledge of the park and the accommodations available, be it the charming hunting lodge, or the deluxe Eco friendly resort or the luxurious safari camps. Every lodge or park is different from its program. Ranging from a walk in the morning with an experienced naturalist, or a morning elephant ride to spot the famous one-horned Rhinoceros, or a late afternoon game park ride on open jeeps, forest walks, or a late evening cultural dance with the locals.
Some of the wildlife in the areas of our visit ranging from Nepal and Bhutan to Sikkim, Tibet and Rajasthan; is somewhat restricted to certain areas and are on the endangered list due to indiscriminate poaching in the past times. We carefully select the accommodation, the itinerary, and the game park visits, to grant you a memorable experience of the wildlife.


Of the total number of species found globally, 3.96 percent mammals, 3.72 percent butterflies and 8.9 percent of birds. Wildlife of Nepal is officially classified into two main categories: common and protected. The common category lists such species as common leopard, spotted deer, Himalayan tahr, blue sheep and others. These species are commonly seen in the wild. The protected species include 26 mammals, nine birds and three reptiles. These rare animals are confined to their prime habitats.

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Natural heritage of Bhutan is rich and diverse. Its forests occupy more than 70% of the country’s area and Bhutanese people have actively protected conserved and preserved their environment. Bhutan’s National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are an essential part of the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex, protected areas and forest corridors covering 60% of the country. Each of these parks and sanctuaries has its own special character and are home to endangered animals, birds and plants.

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The desert state of India, Rajasthan ironically is very vibrant with its fauna. Also known as the land of kings, Rajasthan offers spacious environs for the wild to roam around carelessly in their natural habitat. Offering a large diversity in the landscape, the state makes it easy for its ecosystem to survive together in the extremes. Ranging from the dry arid lands to lush green swamps, the state proudly lays claim to two National Parks, over a dozen Sanctuaries and two Closed Areas.

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