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You’ve found us! For Last Frontiers, receiving your email is an opportunity to showcase our artisanal approach to planning and creating the trip you’ve been dreaming of.

We hope this email marks the beginning of a personal connection. Even if our initial response doesn’t meet your expectations, your email signifies the potential to forge new friendships and lasting relationships, which we’re eager to nurture.

It also means both sides get a chance to, hopefully, learn something new and exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge. You can learn more about us here at the about us page. We are active in our responses and inquiries, so feel free to reach out to us for any of your general or specific questions about the trip you are planning or plan to take.

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Reviews from some of our guest from past.

“None of us will ever forget the adventure of trekking with you in the Everest region, the amazing strength and endurance of our Sherpa porters, the hospitality of everyone we met along the way, and your intrepid leadership even when you were ill for a few days.”
John Lenahan
Guest Traveler

“I have known Nima Tashi Sherpa since the 1980s, pretty much since he was born. In recent years, he has assumed a major part of the responsibilities in managing the trekking business Last Frontiers Trekking established and run for many years by his father Mingma Dorje Sherpa. He is great to work with and plan treks and holidays with, very professional, straightforward, and flexible, and pays great attention to detail and the customer’s comfort and convenience. As a result of their combined efforts over many years, Last Frontiers is a very special outfit.”
David Francis

“Our international adventures through Last Frontiers, and most specifically with you in Nepal, provided us with the best of life-long memories. We appreciated your introduction to the Nepalese people and expert guidance in the greatest mountains on earth. We knew we were in good hands”
Nancy Eastman
Guest Traveler

“I must say that I have such fond memories of our trip with you and your family up the side of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. You and your crew made the trip so very memorable, and I will say from my perspective, life-changing. I still tell friends about the experience we had with you all and the impact the trip made on my life. I wish you nothing but greatness and pray for the day when the crazy virus is gone from our world. I hope we can continue to stay in touch. You never know when we may cross paths again!”
Guest Traveler