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Travel has so much to offer when we experience a new place or a new country. A new community and a new culture we can be part of and are welcomed in. This is why we are very excited to share our travel gallery with you.

The most recent Langtang with Stanley Trip we took on the 20th of April, 2021 was a great opportunity to experience Nepal once more. On this trip were I (Nima), Stanley and Yonden. This was also Yonden’s first long hike, so it was very exciting to see his experience on this trip.

Travel is so important these days will everyone so engaged in our mobile phones and tables. Traveling is a great opportunity for Everyone to bond and experience the Nature, and specially take some time off from our mobile phones and tables.

We share our travel experiences and images (gallery), along with many travel updates and blogs that you will not want to miss, specially if you love staying updated on different countries’ travel related updates. 

Tips for planning travel with kids

It can be daunting to travel on a long trek with your kids. Specially when it is the first time. This is why I have some travel tips when planning travels with kids from my experiences on this trip. I’m sure that they will help you in your future travel plans. So make sure you go through my short list of tips.

Packing -Off roading - Kathmandu to Khangjim (Langtang)

Day1: Today we started our drive around 730am from Kathmandu. We had lunch in Dunche at 12pm, and left for Khangjim around 1pm. We finally reached Khangjim around 330pm. After checking into Hotel Mothers home, we walked around the village, and here are some glimpses. I think Yonden did pretty good on the driving part, and more will be learned tomorrow after 6hrs of hike. He also ordered pizza and you can see his expression on the photo.. he enjoyed it like a wrap burrito… a long day on road.. and he is sleep… see you guys tomorrow…

Yonden's version

Today was the first day of the trek. I woke up at 5. Then we drove to Chahari Retreat. I ate breakfast there. We ate Eggs, read, Red Beans etc. Then we
headed to the road. It took 7 hours to reach Khangim, Resuwa. I sawa many animals in the road like Dogs, Cows, Goats etc. After we reached our
destination, Mothers Home, Khangim, Resuwa I drank Black tea and ate french-fries. The elevation we were at was 2290. Then we went to go visit a Gumba, we took many  photos there. I also saw some cumulus clouds. For dinner I had Cheese Pizza but the Pizza was not that good. Then I watched some YouTube and slept.

First Day Hiking to Lama Hotel from Khangjim

Day 2 of our father and son adventure. We got a very clear view of Ganesh Mountain and a sunny day ahead. Today we started out from Khangjim at 2290 meters, we hiked up the hill and found ourselves walking on a newly opened gravel road. Yonden was excited to see an excavator on the road, maybe he wanted to ride on it, unfortunately, it was locked. A good idea it was locked. The road ended just before Sherpagoan, where we had lunch. A beautifully located village facing the sun, we were (Yonden especially) had our first Sukuti (dried meat), out here it was a buff Sukuti. You will see how Yonden enjoyed his lunch with his five fingers. Yonden also had a chance to catch up with his journal for the morning part of the day.
Sherpagoan was the highest point of our trek for today, 2590 meters. We descended from Sherpagoan towards Rimiche (2440 meters) which is about 30mins walk from Lama Hotel (2480meters). Reaching Lama Hotel, we stayed. at Hotel Jungle View, which sort of made sense because Lama hotel is inside a forest. Yonden also had a chance to dip his feet in the Langtang River. It was so pleasant to see the fresh clean glacial river and clean as well… and not to forget the sound.. which we felt sleep with. End of day.

Yonden's version

Today I woke up at 6am. After we woke up, I ate Chapati and Omelet. Then we headed walking. We stopped for lunch at Sherpa Gaun. I ate dal bhat for lunch. The temperature was 25 degrees. Right now, we are at 2,589 elevation. After 3 hours we reached our destination lama Hotel. After we reached there, we went to the river. At the river I cleaned some rocks for my mom and sister. Then for dinner we had
Dal Bhat for dinner.

A rainy day from Lama Hotel to Langtang Village

Day 3 until lunch of our small adventure, has some great highlights for Yonden. This is his first time seeing a Yak, a Wild mountain goat in a very far distance, Rhododendron trees, and touching 3400 meters elevation, the height of Namche Bazaar. Yonden slept like a baby during the night and he also fell from the small 3ft wide bed because he was wrapped into the sleeping bag. I thought it was a big rat, he was fine.. you can see how quiet he slept in the photo.
Our day started with clouds moving into the valley. I think 1hr after we reached the riverside stop, a beautiful stop where I can imagine camping or glamping in the future, we had to take out our rain gears. We made a pretty good ascend up to Ghodatabela which is at 3009 meters. Along the way, Yonden also managed to climb some of the huge rock almost the size of a village house. Yonden felt the hike was easy this day because of the rain, he thinks. Maybe he did not want to get soaked, and it was the motivation, that’s what he feels. But I think because he did not carry a pack today, helped him. We reached Godhatabela for a warm dal bhat, with omelet and hot tea. This is also where the permits are checked for foreigners. See you after lunch…..

Day 3 after lunch. After our dal bhat, which was only the choice every day, the menu had pizza but you saw how it looked like earlier. So Yonden had no option, fries were ok sometimes. So, I forgot to tell you another highlight of the day…. ***SNOW.. ❄️❄️what excitement for Yonden… this was his first time feeling snow… and making snowball… next adventure should be inviting his friends until Langtang goan (village) just before the last snow in spring. As we hiked up towards Langtang goan which was our camp for tonight, we saw many yaks, horses, and many mules. I had a conversation with our porter about the earthquake and what happened on-site that April 15th. I learned from the lodge owner that about 175 locals, 600 or more foreigners, 200 or more outside workers, possibly about 1000 people died that day. I felt really sad crossing that site now covered with rocks… and sand… On my next post, you will see the damaged village, and the huge snow avalanche that came from Langtang Lirung Mountain, one of the reasons that so many locals died that was because they were there to attend a memorial service of someone in the village on the night of 14th April.

Yonden's version

Today I woke up at 6:30 am and started walking. I saw Yaks for the first time and I saw rhododendron flowers. It took 6 hours to reach Langtang gaun. It was snowing and it was my first-time touching snow and observing snowfall. Then for dinner I had Dal-Bhat.

Lots of snow in Langtang Village 3400 meter and above

Day 4… lots of ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ in Langtang Gaon, see yonden is excited when he woke. up…. it looked like today was the day of more snowfall… we started our hike around 9 am. We walked on the snow that was probably 10inches or a little more.. on the trail. Off the trail, it was probably 1ft or more. The hike from Langtang village to Kyangin Gompa is about 2hrs. Along the trail, yonden enjoyed the snow, until he realized that walking on snow was not easy. Halfway on the trail, the wind picked up as well, and yonden felt pretty miserable walking on snow. So, we returned back down and enjoyed some time in Sindum, a nice highland village.. where yonden got his first experience of….

Day 4 highlight also included touching Jopkyo (high attitude bread of Yak and cow).. out here in Langtang we did not see these animals carrying any loads.. I think they are used to plough farms. And of course yonden carrying snow ball…

Yonden's version

Today, I woke up at 7 30. I woke up late because today we are only walking for 2 hours. For breakfast I ate plain Chapati and Omelet. Then we started walking. When we reached halfway it was  snowing heavily. So, I had to go back at Hotel Samsara. I
also could not breathe properly in 3400 elevation,
On the way to Hotel Samsara I sat on a Yak. When we reached Hotel Samsara, I went to go visit the Langtang Gaun. I saw many Yaks and Hourses. Then for dinner I had Dal bhat

Heading back down Kathmandu

Day 5 of our trip, the last day hike. Yet another beautiful day descending down towards Syabrubesi, we lose about 900 meters or more in a single day. I was amazed to see how much we had climbed up a day ago.. and how Yonden was able to hike up without any complaint. We did see horses and mules on our trail. The third image of distant Langtang village and the trail you see is where the previous Langtang village was located.
We started out hiking around 830am and reached Rimche around 3 pm. We did notice few Nepali groups hiking up to Rimche and saw them really exhausted. We learned that it was a straight climb up to Rimche from Syabrubesi and that our starting point Khangjim was a better choice than Syabrubesi because it was a much easier hike…
"Super beautiful, awe inspiriting! If you are looking for a magical and romantic place then this is a great place to go! I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good adventure!"
Amy Johnson

Travel Tips when Planning travels with kids

Keep it easy & feature-friendly. Although our hike is rated between moderate to maybe one notch up.  The hike is about the experience. Picking a trail that has some features – be it a lake, stream, waterfall or something else will keep kids occupied and give them a goal to reach.  Also making sure that you start slow, and easy on the beginning gives kids more confidence.

Time is your friend – so plan for lots of it. Kids are natural explorers and want to pick up and touch everything. My son climbed couple of big boulder/rocks, played on the river.  So we were not in rush at all.

Prepare for anything and dress for success. This pretty much goes for any hike, we were ready for rain, but did not actually expect snow up high.  So, we did not go further into the much snowy part of the trek.  Therefore, we stop where we were prepared for, but also got ample of time to play with snow. 

Plan frequent energy stops. This is what we did most of the time.  All of our stop consisted of at least 10 minutes rest.  We had him motivated by taking numerous small breaks for fluid and food.

Leave no trace. This is a must, as we learned there was litter in some areas.  A knowledge and practice that my son got to learn.