How can I travel to Nepal on a Budget

Travel To Nepal on a Budget

Nepal is a landlocked country with vibrant and unique topography, culture, and religions. It is present in South Asia on the lap of the beautiful Himalayas encompassed by India in the east, south, and west and China in the north. It covers an area of 147,516 sq. km. Geologically; Nepal is separated into three regions. The mountain, Hilly, and Terai. Nepal is home to the most incredibly high mountains. The most elevated peak on the planet, Mt. Everest is also present here. Nepal also has a unique flag, the world’s only non-quadrilateral flag, which is colored red and blue. There are about 126 castes in Nepal, each with its language and history. The various customs and festivals celebrated here make Nepal the wealthiest country in the world regarding social values and norms. The glorious mountains in the north, beautiful rainforests, passes, alluring lakes, delightful valleys, tars, and so on are pretty things that distinguish Nepal as a piece of paradise.

 Nepal is probably the least expensive country in Asia for travelers and trekkers. Exploring this wonderful, socially rich country on a low budget is simple. There are many public hostels open to tourists, public vehicle similarly makes the trip to Nepal cheap, section charges for attractions are low by worldwide norms, and eating food in local Nepali places is both good for your health and affordable.

This is how you can travel to Nepal on a Budget:

Using public transport: The best way to save money while travelling to Nepal is by using public transport such as buses, vans, and micro-buses. Unlike private vehicles, public transport is readily available and used by locals and tourists. They allow one person to travel from one place to another quickly and efficiently.

Eat- Eat-in local places: When tourists travel to famous hotspots such as Pokhara, Chitwan, and Kathmandu, food and accommodations can get costly. Privately owned restaurants and hotels can get expensive to tourists who wish to travel to Nepal for more than a month. Instead, travelers are encouraged to eat in local restaurants, Bojanalayas, Dhabas, etc.

Stay at hostels: Going to Nepal offers you with least expensive to most expensive accommodations. The best way to save bucks on accommodation is to reside in hostels, local hotels, and guesthouses. Avoid places with facilities such as Air conditioning, bathtubs, and 24/7 services. Assuming you are on a tight budget, living in homestays would be very helpful.

Avoid the high season: International flights to Nepal are usually heavily priced during October and November, as those months have the most favorable weather. Tourists fly to Nepal during October and November as the climate is best suited for trekking; hence the flight tickets are elevated due to the high demand. So, we recommend that tourists on a budget visit Nepal during March and April, which is excellent weather to explore places such as Chitwan, Janakpur, Rajbiraj, etc.

Apply for SAARC discount: If a tourist is from one of the (SAARC)South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation nations such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, as well as Nepal, they get to pay lower entrance fees when they visit UNESCO Heritage sites, national parks, and museums. All they would require is official documents to prove their identification.


Nepal is one of Asia’s most reasonable countries for people on a tight budget. There are numerous reasonable facilities and feasting, public transportation is inexpensive, traveler section costs are cheap to worldwide guidelines, and a visit to the fantastic snow-capped mountains is relatively affordable.

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